Creation of a surfboard can be a dirty activity. Most of the key surf brands consider this field to have sustainability at its very core. The only problem with it is that customers are less keen to invest in sustainable products. Due to which manufacturers are hesitant to create products due to fear and lack of interest over lower profit. After being inspired by load washers, industry experts have designed few ways that have the potential to bring a positive transformation in the surfing industry.

Education and Engagement

The basic step in a market transformation strategy is to identify fundamental obstacles and the ways to prevent them. A combined effort of engagement and education is found to be a remarkable technique to solve the problem. Most of the surfers have no knowledge of the kind of sustainable surfboard material that are available in the market. Manufacturers of surfboard don’t have a lot of hands on experience with the performance of new materials.

The first step towards engagement of surfers in this transformation plan is to launched a program “Waste to Waves”. This program encourages surfers to collect polystyrene foam material from waste, and then recycle it to make a new and recycled form of surfboard cores. These new cores have nearly fifty percent less CO2 footprint. They are appropriate to create high-performance surfboard. Thus, it requires an extreme focus on the fundamentals of SurfStitch business and creating an awareness of expanding worldwide opportunity of E-Commerce.

Develop Acceptance

Besides “education and engagement”, there is one thing important thing that can result in market transformation. It is “acceptance” of the newly introduced materials in the market by manufacturers. Key surf brands have now begun to pay attention, and are also motivating sponsored clients to give new products a chance.

Certify And Incentivize

You need to find out whether consumers are reaping extra value from the new surfboards. There is one project launched that includes a website wherein surfers and board builders will be educated for qualified surfboards. This will help surfers to learn about those products that can bring a benefit to the human health and environment.

This project uses incentives that will assist in developing customer demand during the initial levels of the program. Every single eco-board that has been brought has got a distinctive serial number that gets an opportunity to win gear of that brand. This strategy can easily help in tracking the number of surfboards that are brought every year. Thus, it presents useful data to potential partners.


To make profit throughout the year round, you need to be well disciplined and learn the right way to explore your options and manage your time. Any business operation progresses with the right ideas, insight, and experience of the owner to solve the problem.

All these ways will definitely result in bringing adequate transformation in the surfing industry in terms of energy efficiency and appliances. It has seen to create long lasting changes in the way people use energy. It not just results in superior level of performance but also reduce overall cost considerably.

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