is no better place than Bali for a romantic vacation this holiday season. However, one important thing that confuses most of the visitors is that whether they should reside in a hotel or in a villa in Bali. Though both types of accommodations are great for spending holiday, it is however, important to do some research on whether to choose a hotel or a villa. After reading this guide, you will be able to understand why you should choose villa over a hotel.

Should You Choose A Villa Over Hotel?

  • Extra Liberty

A villa provides you more freedom in comparison to a hotel room. There is no tension of attending breakfast on time since you can order things as per your convenience. Moreover, you don’t need to be tensed about your privacy and belongings. This means you can easily go out of your villa without locking the rooms. In addition to this, you get more space with bigger living room, washroom and bedrooms etc. In case you’re visiting with your family, you can enough space to play with your kids on terrace without any tension.

  • Better Amenities

Yoma Villas Bali offers you better amenities in comparison to hotels. You get superior amenities such as swimming polls, air-conditioners, alarm systems, free Wi-Fi connectivity etc. Moreover, you can keep your chefs for cooking food or if you enjoy cooking you can cook food as per your convenience. Additionally, you get extra space to sit and relax which might not be available in hotels due to presence of other people. Some luxurious villas also offer spa, gyms and fitness centers so that you can enjoy your vacations in a better way.

Luxury villas in Bali are quite popular for their hospitality services. Maids, servants and butlers are present round the clock to serve the guests. They will handle everything from cleaning your clothes, utensils to serving you food. You can just delegate your work to them while you sit and relax comfortably in sunshine.

Though there is a lot that luxury villas offer you, however, they cost you more than hotels. In case you can afford to pay extra for privacy and extra comfort, then go for a luxury villa in Bali. Following section will tell you what you can expect from hotels in Bali.

Why to Choose Hotels in Bali?

  • Better Options to Socialize

There are more opportunities for socializing in a hotel and resort than villa. Whether you go alone or go with your family, there are a lot of activities happening in the hotels where people of every age group can enjoy. This can be a great opportunities for kids who love to make friends on vacations.

  • Better Discounts and Deals

Hotels offer lots of discount on bookings during holiday season. Hence, if you’re going to Bali with your family and you want to save some extra pennies for shopping, hotel should be your priority.

To conclude, the choice depends upon your requirement. If you’re looking for an affordable accommodation, there’s nothing better than a hotel. However, if you’re looking for better services and you’re willing to pay for the same, go for a villa.

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