The state of Montana falls in the Western region of the United States of America. The name of the state is very suggestive in itself, coming from a Spanish Word- Montana which means mountain. Being the fourth largest state in USA, it provides plenty of opportunities for ski lovers.
Montana is also famous for the continuous, all year round opportunities it provides to its residents and tourists. From hiking to fishing and from hunting to skiing, there are numerous activities that one can look forward to engaging in.Montana’s mountains are pretty rugged so having the proper safety gear is essential. If your in need of new or just want to update your gear, here are some ski helmet reviews to help you choose and a list of the best ski goggles.
Some of the best ski resorts in the state have been listed below.

Big Sky Resorts

Big Sky Resort acts as the Base camp to Yellowstone. With its wonderful terrain, it is the perfect place for people looking for adventure in the mountains. The Resort takes upon itself to arrange various winter activities for its guests including various expeditions.
Summer time here is also very popular among tourists with a number of activities planned which may include Mountain Biking, Skeet Shooting, Archery and Zipline Tours. To make sure that children also have enough on their plates, games like Deluxe Paintball and Disc Golf are organized for them. One great thing that this resort has going for itself is the fact that is easily accessible from the Montana Airport. Apart from that, it is also well connected by road.

Blacktail Mountain Resorts

Blacktail Mountain is a Resort that can be found to the North of Lakeside Town, on the western shore of Flathead Lake. The uniqueness of the ski resort arises from the fact that skiers and riders get to experience a run that is top to bottom, even before they have ridden their first chair.

The resort is surrounded by almost 1,000 acres of National Forest, to the utter delight of nature lovers. Of this 1,000 acres, 200 acres is the area that can be used to ski. The resort is well-furnished and provides a lot of conveniences and facilities like that of hiring cars, ski-lessons by well-trained groomers, cafeterias, restaurants etc.

Bridger Bowl Ski Resort

This is one of the biggest ski resorts in USA with a terrain of 2,000 acres that one can ski and ride through. The resort is also famous all over the world for its ‘cold smoke’ snow. The snow has been called ‘cold smoke’ because it is very light and extremely fluffy as compared to the snow in other parts of the country.

A hike that lasts for about 20 minutes leads one to the ‘The Ridge’ which is a terrain that is known for very steep chutes. It also has power fields which are open. There are trails for people of all levels.

Discovery Ski Area

Located at Philipsburg, this Resort has something for everybody, divided across ages and even abilities. Gently sloping trails can be found here and also groomed cruisers. The Granite Chair is ideal for people wanting to indulge in mogul skiing. The Limelight lift has the steepest terrain that maybe used for skiing in Montana.

Great Divide Skiing

The Great Divide is usually the first resort to open up for skiing. A lot of people prefer this over other resorts as the prices here are competitive, mostly cheaper than the rest. Well managed snow and a vertical drop of 1,330 makes it a well-loved resort by skiers from all over the country

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