Best Birthday Surprise Ever-Full Moon Thailand Beach

/Best Birthday Surprise Ever-Full Moon Thailand Beach

It was last summer when my husband came home after work breaking the news that he is going to Thailand for one week. When I inquired he told me that he has an important business meeting to attend there and therefore he will be leaving the very next day.

My First Birthday:

It came as a shock and disappointment for me because right after three days it was my first birthday after our marriage and all I wanted was his company on that day. With great difficulty, I managed to control my tears and asked him if the trip could be delayed for a few days. I definitely got ‘no’ as an answer which broke my last hope of him staying back.

My Eyes got Wet:

The moment he realized that a couple of tears are about to leave my eyes he instantly took out two air tickets telling me that I was going with him.

Overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, I was at the top of the world but wait! What about the visa and other issues. To my utmost surprise, he had already taken out my passport from the cupboard without my knowledge and my entry to Thailand was already stamped on it.


I spent the whole night packing our bags and complaining about how he did not give me any time to shop before leaving for such a splendid trip. Next day, we boarded the flight and landed on the place which is the ultimate destination of all the party animals from around the world.

My Hubby Gone for Meeting 🙁

My husband told me that he’ll not be able to give me company for a day because he needs to attend that important meeting which was the sole cause of our visit. He gave me enough money so that I can do the shopping that I couldn’t before leaving for Thailand.

I didn’t even miss him twice because of the amazing shopping spree that I was offered in exchange. I bought the most amazing dress for my birthday and had already imagined myself wearing it and enjoying dinner with my husband on my special day.

Waiting, waiting:

I was waiting eagerly for my husband to show up before midnight. I wore that dress and was waiting for him when I received his call that his clients are not ready to leave him yet and his meeting with them might take the whole night or even the next day.

I saw all the amazing stuff that I had imagined the entire day fading away. The utter disappointment and sadness were evident in the tone of my voice.

My husband noticed it but said that he was unable to do anything to get out of this situation. The only thing he could do was to arrange a car for me so that I do not have to stay in the room. While riding towards an unknown destination, all I did was to cry. When the car stopped there were just 5 minutes left to midnight.


I stepped out of the car and was heading towards what seemed like a cruise trip when I saw my husband standing right there and smiling broadly. The whole thing was a bluff. After getting free from the meeting he was making arrangements so that both of us together can spend my birthday eve together in a full moon party.

What an Amazing Birthday Gift:

I never had a better birthday before with the smell of water, an amazing sight of the full moon and so many amazing people around, dancing to the best tunes played by the DJ. I had heard about the full moon party before but after being a part of it I realized how much fun it actually is.

With so much of dancing and music, this night was definitely going to stay with me for the rest of my life as being part of the best party on the planet. Although we were tired but we did not leave the party until we could see the sun rising.

The rest of my Thailand trip was exciting but not as memorable as that one night where the party animal inside me was unleashed and my other side which loves beautiful sights and places was also satisfied.

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