As reality dictates, we cannot all be exceptional, especially when it comes to driving. Some of us need to do a few things here and there to up our skills on the road. In fact, even the most excellent drivers on the globe like Lewis Hamilton became super skilled owing to experience and hard work (well with a natural confidence which most of us lack). But still, the effort is needed to better your skills as a driver.

Here are some significant tips to walk you through becoming a better driver;

  1. Be conversant with roads safety rules and regulations

Every good driver knows and understands the laws and regulations on the road. You must be able to comprehend what traffic signs mean and follow their instructions. I understand that traffic rules can be quite difficult to comprehend and especially remember if you took your course further before. Nonetheless, it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain road safety at all times which requires your understanding of the various roads safety rules and regulations.

If you find that you are having trouble with the laws of your current location, then go back to the books and refresh your mind.

2. Don’t overly focus on the  road signs

The problem with most drivers is that they put all their attention on the roads signs forgetting to mind the ongoing traffic; this why accidents happen in most cases. If you want to be a better driver, you have to balance your attention. As you focus on the signs, also be attentive to the traffic.

.Be attentive at all times

Drinking and driving is a recipe for disaster. You need your mind 100% conscious of being able to drive properly. So do not drink and drive at the same as this will impair your mind on the road. Also, you ought to be sufficiently energetic as you hit the road. Tiredness and inebriation just like a drunken mind is also a leading cause of road accidents. Therefore, ensure that you have enough sleep and eat well if you intend to drive safely.

Note; if you must drink then, you don’t have to drive. When drunk, it is best to let some else with a sober mind drive you. Keep in mind that responsibility is a great essential to becoming a better driver.

4. Minimize distractions

As seen from point 4 above, you need to always be alert and attentive on the road. Loud music, social media, phone class and background conversations can distract you from driving. Therefore try to avoid these as much as possible.

5 .Be smooth and gentle with the controls

Being able to perform multiple tasks and stunts while on the wheel does not make you a better driver. In fact, it only increases the potential danger to you and the people within. Swerving and jerking might seem “wow,” but in a real sense, they can put you at high risk. Because as you perform these stunts, other alert drivers on the road might be caught by surprise and end up reacting the wrong way which can be dangerous.

So if you intend to overtake, swerve or jerk (not advocating for these) be tactful about it. You ought to consider the flow of traffic and alert other drivers on the road before you make these attempts.

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